Half a century of working with saw blades



TITLEHalf a century of working with saw blades

Sugiyama is committed to delivering high-precision, heavy-duty saw blades that have been designed specifically for every requirement a customer may have, with the assurance of expertise and technology dating back more than half a century.

Reducing running costs by increasing machining precision and decreasing the number of blade replacements serves as a surefire way to improve workshop productivity. And now Sugiyama is leading the charge to meet an increasing range of requirements around the world.

Sugiyama provides customers with only the best, most reliable saw blades - all manufactured with a fully integrated production system comprised of finely honed techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

A fully integrated system in place to meet global needs

Sugiyama has created a fully integrated production system, covering the initial stages of steel cutting right through to the final grinding of blade tips. Products can be delivered to customers quickly and to suit specific requirements.

A delicate balance between expert skill and modern machinery

A production system that always delivers a high level of quality using laser machining and quenching equipment, tentioning operation by expertly skilled technicians, modern grinding machine, and inspection equipment.

Able to meet any request - whether it be for shape, performance, or additional functions

Sugiyama understands that customers may have very specific requests to suit certain work conditions and environments, and endeavors to deliver the best performing blade for every scenario.

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